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Dyson Vacuums - How Long Do They Last?

The thought of dropping a couple hundred bucks - or more - on a new vacuum cleaner has me doing my research.  I'm still a little stuck in the Shark vs Dyson vacuums conundrum.  Both are really good (I've test them both), both are high-quality and have good warranties.  So now it comes down to - how long do these vacuum cleaners LAST?

I sure as heck don't want to spend all that money only to end up needing another new vacuum in a few years.  Ugh!

Tonights "research on Google" for me was reading up on how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last.  And yes, I much rather would've have been doing something else, but I've put this off long enough.

Anyway, I came across some good info that helped me learn more about Dyson vacuum cleaners and how long they have lasted for others so thought I'd share with anyone else who needs this information, too.

This first site that ranked number one on Google was super helpful:

=> How Long Do Dyson Vacuums Last?  The Answer


When you’re about to drop a good chunk of money on a vacuum, you naturally wonder if it will last. There is nothing good about spending hundreds of dollars on a vacuum cleaner only to have it break in a few months. A good, high-quality vacuum should last for YEARS.


tip: Amazon has COUPONS on vacuum cleaners!


===>>check today’s vacuum coupons here


If you’re considering buying a Dyson and wondering how long Dyson vacuum cleaners last, you’re in the right place. There is some great info and things you should know from someone who has had her Dyson vacuum for 7 years.


If you want your Dyson to last, read on.... continue reading here

The article was good but tough to read because it wasn't formatted very well at all.

Highlight of that article that helped me the most was this:

" How long do Dyson vacuums last? Mine has given me close to 3000 cleaning jobs and works as well today as the day it first arrived in my home seven years ago. "


I also read through this helpful discussion people are having on Amazon about how long their Dysons have lasted for them.

Really impressive.  People in that conversation are talking about their Dyson vacuums lasting them 7..8...10 years or longer!  That's what I want!

You can read the full conversation here.

Another forum I visited had people saying the same thing so it seems like you can plan on your dyson lasting a good long time (or at least it SHOULD).




Post by better-life (2016-04-21 05:56)

From: Better Life
Oh forgot to mention this page: it was helpful too 2016-04-21 06:13

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